SUN3 Smart 2.0 48W Fel Nail Heater Salon Manicure Dedicated Fast Curing

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: moonbox
Certification: RoHS,CE
Model Number: Sun 4
Minimum Order Quantity: 20 pieces
Price: USD 14.85 per pieces
Packaging Details: 24pcs/carton, 12.3 KG,Carton size:445*425*350MM
Delivery Time: 3~10 days
Payment Terms: T/T, WestUnion, PayPal
Supply Ability: 40000 pieces per month
Detail Information
Lamp No.: 36 Pieces Power: 48W
Type: UV LED Size: 21.3*20*10cm
Weight: 0.82kg/pcs Packing Weight: 685gram
Life Time: More Than 50000hours Voltage: 100-240V 50/60Hz 1A
Color: Black And White

Product Description

SUN3 Smart 2.0 48W Fel Nail Heater Salon Manicure Dedicated Fast Curing


  Designed for professional nail experts.Could perfect cure UV gel/Builder/LED gel



1) Connect the D.C adapter

2) The user can set the working time through the timing button after the machine is started.

3) Commonly used timing buttons are 10S, 30S, 60S, 99S (99S button is in low heat mode).

4) When the machine fails to reach the set time, press the timer button to enter the standby state, and all timers are reset.

5) When the hand enters the machine, the infrared sensor automatically activates the light without pressing the time button. The maximum working time is 120 seconds

6) The 10s, 30s, 60stiming buttons have a time memory function. Press and hold the button to clear the display to enter the appropriate time

7) When using the 10s / 30s / 60s timer, the 99s button has dual power capabilities. Press and hold the dual power button for 2 seconds to double the machine power, then press and hold for 2 seconds to cancel.

8) The display shows the corresponding time. When 10s, 30s, 60s work regularly, the display shows the countdown time. Clockwise time is displayed for 99 seconds and infrared sensing timing.

SUN3 Smart 2.0 48W Fel Nail Heater  Salon Manicure Dedicated Fast Curing

Quick Details


materials PC/ABS type  UV/LED
Features curing all nail gel Input  100-240v / 50/60HZ  /  1.5A
Lamp No.  36pieces Power 48W
Life time ≥50000 hours Size 213*200*100mm
packing color box weight 0.82kg
time control 10S/30S /60S /99S wavelength:  365+405nm

SUN3 Smart 2.0 48W Fel Nail Heater  Salon Manicure Dedicated Fast Curing



1) Please read the instructions carefully before using the lamp
2) Please use it correctly.
3) Do not allow any liquid to enter the machine, otherwise it may cause damage.
4) Do not use when the timer button or function is used.
5) Unplug the adapter when you leave.
6) Please do not use the nail light, otherwise it will fail.
7) Do not open the machine for more than 600 minutes. Otherwise it may shorten the life of the nail lamp
8) The machine has an internal overheat detection function that automatically reduces the output power when the heat is too high to protect the internal components from damage.
9) Do not look directly at the UV and long exposure. UV radiation can cause damage to eyes and skin

Packing and Shipping

Freight details are shown in the table below.If it do not have , please contact us.

Country Courier company / price Country Courier company / price
DHL EMS China Post DHL EMS China Post
Czech Republic $18.82 $20.29 $10.29 Russia   $21.32 $11.47
Belarus $17.65 $23.53 $11.76 Chile $22.06 $0.00 $15.44
Belgium $16.18 $18.82 $11.03 Ukraine $14.71 $23.53 $10.29
Italy $17.65 $24.71 $11.03 USA $16.18 $23.53 $10.29
France $20.29 $17.65 $11.03 Netherlands $17.65 $18.82 $10.00
Korea $16.18 $11.47 $7.35 Spain $17.65 $19.85 $10.29

SUN3 Smart 2.0 48W Fel Nail Heater  Salon Manicure Dedicated Fast Curing

The package is as follows, size 213 * 200 * 100mm, weight 0.82kg, including a nail light machine, power adapter and user manual.

Regarding transportation, you can choose all well-known express delivery companies and shipping, but in remote areas, we can only use EMS.

How to buy
PayPal and WestUnion is welcome, after payment (Products and Freight), please sent the Bank Bill to us, we will arrange the delivery within 2 days and inform you the logistics information. For large quantities more than 100 pieces, please feel free to contact us for whlesale price.

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