About Us

     Guangzhou Yilai Chuang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. Its a company specializing in R&D, production and sales. It is dedicated to beauty/health care, consumer electronics, daily necessities, industrial products, etc. Skin, electronic health care, and streamlined daily necessities provide good products and services for people's health and beauty, and provide convenient, comfortable and healthy products for people's lives.

   From the perspective of “environmental protection and energy conservation”, Yilai Chuang Technology Co., Ltd. advocates the natural, simple, simple and practical of each product. “Green” is an eternal theme. It combines innovation, professional technology and environmental protection to greatly enhance the use value of products, bring new and more vital products to people's consumer market, and create high quality for people's beautiful and healthy life. 


Customer Ever Said

El paquete de muestra es hermoso, el envío por correo es oportuno, el rendimiento no es un problema, gracias, el pedido se dará en un futuro próximo. -- Juan Carlos Bolaños

Thank you for your company's active cooperation, Alice, you have completed the design and mold making of a new nail lamp in one and a half months, expecting our products to quickly occupy the market. -- Людмила Рыбкина